How To Use To Find A Telecommuting Job

Telecommuting is a wonderful option for anyone who would prefer working at home to working in an employer’s office. The benefits of having a telecommuting job are immense especially for parents who want to be at home with young children. Imagine having an extra hour in the morning and evening to spend with your family because you don’t have any drive time. Also imagine not having to spend as much time or money on the clothes required to work in a professional office. Granted, you may have to go to an occasional outside meeting every once in a while, but for the most part, it’ll just be you and your computer and the computer doesn’t care what you wear.

Finding a telecommuting job isn’t always easy but for the well-skilled job seeker, there are many jobs to be found. Tenacity and patience are the attributes you will need to make your way through the maze of finding the job you’re seeking. Below is outlined one resource- – that you can use when you start your search for a telecommuting job. This is not the only resource available to you, it’s just one of many, but it’s a good place to start. The jobs are there, you just need to find them. is a national classified ad website where a lot of great jobs get posted, including those looking for work at home telecommuters. The website is free to read and it’s free to post as well. It’s become a very popular place to find jobs that are available. This article will explain how to find the telecommuting jobs that are advertised.

To find telecommuting jobs, first go to Click on any city in the right-hand column, and then choose a job type in the column to the left of the city column. It doesn’t matter what type of job category you choose, we’re going to change that choice anyway.

Once you get to the next page, you’ll see a search box at the top of the page. Leave the KEYWORDS field blank and change the drop-down box to ALL JOBS. Then place a check mark in the Telecommute box. Click Search. All the telecommuting jobs for the city you chose will post to the page.

You will need to click into each job separately to determine if it is a legitimate job posting or not. Often you will also find regular jobs posted as telecommuting jobs, so read the postings carefully. Watch out for the postings that offer more money than what you know to be a normal pay range for the job you’re seeking, they are probably scams. Also, be careful about going to interviews, if it’s not in an office building where other people are around, like at someone’s house, either pass on the offer or explain to the interviewer that with internet fraud as bad as it is, you would feel more comfortable meeting in a public place like a restaurant or a coffee house.

CraigsList doesn’t offer a feature to search the entire country and it’s a shame because it makes this type of research very time consuming having to check each city individually. It may be easier for you to set a “Favorites” folder with all the searches so you can get to each city quickly. You should consider checking every major city since telecommuting can be done from anywhere in the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tiny town in Texas and the company is located in New York City or Los Angeles. Just be sure to watch the ad to be sure it doesn’t request you to be local to the employer, some require periodic meetings in their office. And lastly, be sure to only apply to the most recent entries as these jobs go quickly, no need to waste your time applying for a job that’s already filled.

Good luck with your job search. A little hard work along with some patience while seeking out the jobs should help you to be employed in no time.

Assam: A Land Of New Jobs Opportunities

To actually measure the growth and progress of a state, it is best to evaluate the growing rate of job openings in that state. Increasing number of job opportunities indicates that the state is developing and extending new horizons of development and expansion. In India, we are witnessing progress in almost every state including Assam. Gone are the days when people of Assam were compelled to move out of their state and wander in the larger cities like Mumbai and Delhi to find suitable jobs that justified their qualification. Presently, Assam is letting out some of the best Job openings for its people.

Earlier, Assam jobs were limited to government posts due to lack of any major industrial growth and business development but today, with the coming of various small companies and SMEs, Assam is all set to offer some very bright job vacancies. Also, a good number of IT companies are coming up in the state, opening wider scope for employment. All these changes and advancements have definitely taken the state of Assam on the road of improvement.

Literacy Rate in Assam

It is quite disturbing to know that even after a stabilized literacy rate in the state; jobs in Assam were quite limited. This primarily happened because of the poor rate of development and exposure of Assam. No big companies and industries tried to open their branches in the state of Assam because of its disturbed environment. In addition to the political instabilities, numerous other tensions have always surrounded the state. Even after having an extremely good share of highly educated people, Assam jobs were a point of dismay. Thankfully, today the situation has changed. Irrespective of the not-so-smooth condition of the state, industries and companies have started investing in this state.

Employment helps betterment of the state

Employment helps the improvement of entire nation. Now that Assam has opened its doors to major industries and companies, not only the rise in jobs is visible but also a very sharp rise in the economy of the state is noticeable. The living standard of Assams populace has significantly changed. People have become more advanced and economically sound. Moreover, their expenses are now more balanced. Where earlier, they were spending a larger share of their income on traveling from their home town to the place they used to work; they can now spend the same amount on their well-being and still save a lot. In addition, it also saves them a lot of time which eventually increases their productivity and efficiency.

Changes incurred by new jobs in Assam

Jobs are an essential source for people to earn their livelihood. In almost every state of India, a major share of the population completely fends on jobs to earn money and support their lifestyle. Just like Assam, there are various other states which were hidden in the darkness of poor literacy rate and thus, low count of job opening are now moving forward into the light of wisdom. Even if big ideas like IT, software industries, and consultancy firms have not reached the backward areas, it is the concept of small scale industries and running traditional business on larger scale that is actually helping such states take their leap towards better opportunities. Even such small steps ensure that big opportunities and good job vacancies would not take long to reach such states.

At present, Assam offers some of the best job opportunities such as IT Jobs, BPO Jobs, Accounts Jobs and Call Center Jobs. In addition to these, numerous new jobs are making their way to this state on regular basis. To gain more information in jobs in Assam, interested individuals should get online and open themselves to the massive galore of Assam jobs.

Moving To New Zealand: Jobs In Christchurch

When most people think of emigrating they are drawn to Australia for a life of sun, sea and employment opportunities. But if head 900 miles further east you reach New Zealand, which offers the same, if not more, than Australia does. n n In the 1800’s New Zealand saw an explosion of immigrants, which helped the country to thrive, and during the 1950’s it had one of the highest standards of living in the world. With a population of around 4.4 million, 53% of people live in New Zealand’s four largest cities – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Hamilton. Christchurch is the largest city on New Zealands South Island, and is located in the Canterbury region of the island. It has a population of around 375,900 making it New Zealand’s third most populated city. A hot spot for jobs in New Zealand, Christchurch continues to grow its employment opportunities with civil construction rebuilds demanding more construction workers join the workforce. n n Christchurch are in need of experienced workers to fill the gaps in their civil construction sector, with Quantity Surveyors, Residential Project Managers and Senior Commercial Project Managers most in demand. The demand has been created by two things – one is a lack of native construction workers, and the second is a rise in the amount if construction taking place in the city. There are ongoing road and drainage repairs taking place, plus a massive increase in residential building projects. With a massive $2.5 million worth of projects having been approved, Christchurch is full of roadworks and are in need to workers to complete the jobs in hand. n n Christchurch has a large agricultural industry as the city is surrounded by farming country. New Zealand’s leading agribusiness, PGG Wrightson, is based in Christchurch, and the city has a history of thriving businesses in malting, seed development, wool and meat processing, and dairy farming. Dairy farming has a high use of labour, and with cropping and sheep farms converted to dairying, there are plenty of jobs available in this field. Cropping still continues in and around Christchurch, with wheat and barley grown for exporting, and jobs have been created in the processing industries for these crops. There is also a growing high quality wine industry, plus olive growing and deer farming industries too. n n Christchurch also has a thriving tourist trade, and its closeness to the Southern Alps – a destination for skiers and snowboarders – sees many tourists stopping off in the city. Christchurch has many hotels and an international airport, meaning that there are often jobs available in these areas too. n n With an 81% year on year increase in the jobs advertised in the Canterbury region where Christchurch is located, just goes to show that Christchurch has never been more attractive to people wanting to start a new life down under.